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An Update Of Stuff And Things

Well, it looks like my blog hosting just auto-renewed for another year. Better do something with this space, right?

Just some updates. Everything is still awesome in the world of yours truly. I just don’t seem to blog much anymore. No one does, really. TL;DR and all that.

But I still do things. If I have something to say, I usually say it on Twitter. If you’re not following me there, you really should. It’s where I’m at my most awesome-est. When I need to say something longer than 140 characters, our two podcasts are still rocking right along. Bad movie fans should check out and video game players should listen to Both are awesome, and should be enjoyed even if you don’t like video games or bad movies.

We’ve also added live streaming to our shows. When we stream live we usually let everyone know via Twitter (either @BMFcast or @NoQuartersNet). Currently this is done via Google Hangouts and then archived to YouTube, so check out the dedicated YouTube pages for both Bad Movie Fiends and No Quarters.

I’m still making the videos as well. 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days continues, against my better judgment. I may or may not be doing Sci-Fi Spring Break again too. And Worst Movie Scenes of All Time has recently been rebranded and relaunched as Watch This Scene, mainly to update the graphics and theme music WHICH WILL ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE. We’re also making video game related videos over on the No Quarters channel.

And if I’ve needed to say something about a movie I’ve been doing so on Letterboxd, which if they get their shit together could end up being a great social network site for movie lovers.

So, there’s an update. Hosting fee justified. Not really.



Sex Swings Become Yoga… HOLY CRAP! GREATEST PICTURE EVER!! No idea what these things are exactly but they’ve now given us the greatest photo of all time.


Damn you, Chris!

Damn you, Chris!

If it wasn’t for you Chris, I’d be getting laid all the time. Or something.


A Word of Warning

Dear punkass douchebag who keeps coming onto my property and defacing my daughter's car,

I don't know what your lame-ass problem is, but go ahead and try it one more time.  I dare you.  You're not going to like the consequences.

Whatever your issue is, grow the fuck up and get over yourself.  If you come into my yard again and attempt to damage her car one more time, you're going to be in a world of hurt.  I'm not joking.


As certain as death and taxes

If you have kids, you should be entitled to a scavenger hunt reward system where, every time you find a Cheerio in a weird place, you get a nickel.  Like behind the toilet.  Or in the dog’s hair.

If you have girls, there should be a second tier to the game where you get a nickel every time you find a Q-Tip in a strange place.  Like the Cheerios box.

There, now I’m a mommy blogger.  I want my millions.


I, uh… what?