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An Update Of Stuff And Things

Well, it looks like my blog hosting just auto-renewed for another year. Better do something with this space, right?

Just some updates. Everything is still awesome in the world of yours truly. I just don’t seem to blog much anymore. No one does, really. TL;DR and all that.

But I still do things. If I have something to say, I usually say it on Twitter. If you’re not following me there, you really should. It’s where I’m at my most awesome-est. When I need to say something longer than 140 characters, our two podcasts are still rocking right along. Bad movie fans should check out and video game players should listen to Both are awesome, and should be enjoyed even if you don’t like video games or bad movies.

We’ve also added live streaming to our shows. When we stream live we usually let everyone know via Twitter (either @BMFcast or @NoQuartersNet). Currently this is done via Google Hangouts and then archived to YouTube, so check out the dedicated YouTube pages for both Bad Movie Fiends and No Quarters.

I’m still making the videos as well. 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days continues, against my better judgment. I may or may not be doing Sci-Fi Spring Break again too. And Worst Movie Scenes of All Time has recently been rebranded and relaunched as Watch This Scene, mainly to update the graphics and theme music WHICH WILL ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE. We’re also making video game related videos over on the No Quarters channel.

And if I’ve needed to say something about a movie I’ve been doing so on Letterboxd, which if they get their shit together could end up being a great social network site for movie lovers.

So, there’s an update. Hosting fee justified. Not really.




BMFcast Episodes 94-95: It’s a Far Cry from the first Prom Night

Another two episodes of the BMFcast are now available, featuring the dead sexy BMFcast crew (and myself).

Episode 94 was the first BMFcast entry into the world of Uwe Boll, and after failing to find our first two or three selections, we settled upon Far Cry, which surprisingly is not awful. It’s not great either…

Episode 95 marks the beginning of Whore-r Month (stick with me) where we tackle whores and horror movies in one fell swoop. First up was Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, which has nothing to do with the first film. It also has nothing to do with good movies either. But it does have Michael Ironside.

Episode 94 and Episode 95. Go listen.


BMFcast Episodes 92-93: The Hard GI Ticket to Executioner in Hawaii

Two new episodes of the BMFcast are now available, featuring the illustrious BMFcast crew (and myself).

Episode 92 showcases the Troma pick up The G.I. Executioner which has a great trailer but little else. Episode 93 however is all about the Andy Sidaris classic Hard Ticket To Hawaii, which has boobs, action, guns, explosions AND a killer snake infested with toxic cancer.

Check out Episode 92 and Episode 93 now, or else.


No Quarters: Episode 27

Episode 27 of the infamous No Quarters podcast features me (and some other people I guess) talking about video games we’ve played/would like to play. It’s a novel concept, I know.

We tackle such winners in this month’s show as Tornado Outbreak, Kung-Fu Rider, Naughty Bear, NCAA Football 12, Driver: San Francisco and lots more. And by lots I mean several more.

So come, listen to Episode 27.


BMFcast Episode 91: It’s a Birdemic/Nerdemic!

About a month after gracing the BMFcast studios with my presence for the recording of Episode 88 featuring Gary Busey as Bulletproof, I returned to nerd it up in Episode 91 with a viewing of Birdemic, featuring no one.

Is Birdemic as bad as you’ve heard? Yes. And then some. It’s like The Room, but without the talent. Think about that statement.

In the second half of the episode we discuss the Kevin Smith direct-to-wherever-you-are release Red State, and also dive in to some recent experiences at genre conventions around this great nation of ours. Listen, won’t you?


No Quarters Episode 26: Scrotality!

Episode 26 of the No Quarters podcast is now live, and once again I was a special guest. Rumor has it that I’m being promoted up to special guest intern, which means I will continue to appear and continue to not get paid for appearing.

In this episode we talk about XBLA’s Summer of Arcade (Bastion, From Dust, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet) then dive into absolutely hilarity attempting to discuss Dead To Rights: Retribution, Tornado Outbreak, Far Cry 2, Wolfenstein, The Beatles: Rock Band and more.

You might blow a funny fuse while listening. This is your only warning.


Netflix News and Notes

If you haven’t heard, the internets are all up in arms over Netflix’s recently announced price increase.¬†Personally? My $7.99 streaming only plan is still going to cost me $7.99, so I don’t give a fuck. But everyone else who has Netflix is losing their shit right now, threatening to cancel or calling the Netflix CEO childish names, or a combo of both.

Look, if the services aren’t worth it to you, then don’t pay for them. It’s as simple as that. Calm the hell down. But even if your $10 plan is going up to $17 you’re still making out like a bandit. Try buying one new movie or TV series for less than $17. Sure you could go get 17 Redbox rentals, but really, how many Ving Rhames movies that you’ve never heard of can you watch?

The Portland Sucks podcast for July 13th tackled the Netflix price increase “rage” in the first half of the show, with co-host Sabrina Miller giving ye old Jerkface here a nice mention. Check them out.

There’s also news about a new deal between Netflix and NBC which will allow NBC/Universal content to remain on Netflix for the time being. The only real thing of note from that (that we’re privy to) is that Saturday Night Live episodes won’t appear on Netflix until the end of that season. They’ll still be available the next day after airing on services like iTunes and Hulu though.

You’re going to be hearing about a lot of these deals in the coming months, as the old farts who run studios see the profit Netflix is making off of streaming Teletubbies episodes and think “Hey, that’s our Teletubby money!” and decide to quadruple the rates they charge Netflix for the streaming rights. That (combined with rising postal rates) is the reason for the price increase folks. The studios, once again, are going to take a great thing and totally fuck it up for everyone. Then, once Netflix is burning down, they’ll bitch that their back catalog just isn’t making the money it was a year ago and start charging $40 for DVDs.

The NBC article gives figures vomited up by analyst Michael Pachter, who seems to just pull numbers out of his ass all the time and major publications run with it. There’s not a lot of reason for me to mention this, except that I think Pachter’s an idiot. (In his E3 predictions last month he suggested that Ubisoft would be very wise not to show any footage of their biggest franchises during their press conference. Genius.)


Celebrate 25 Episodes of No Quarters, With Me, Smarmy Jerkface!

Episode 25 of the No Quarters podcast is now live, which features me as a special guest rapping with the NQ crew about such games as Duke Nukem Forever, Brink, Vin Diesel Wheelman, Child of Eden, Deadly Premonition and even the immortal classic Sneak King.

You guys know what needs to be done at this point. Head over to No Quarters, check them out on Facebook, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes… anything to show your support. It’s a good show and you should enjoy it. Nay, you WILL enjoy it.


The Stalking of the Death

The podcast career continues as I contribute to Episode 83 of the Bad Movie Fiends Podcast, or BMFcast, if you will.

If you’re not familiar with the BMFcast, they are currently watching movies where the year of release matches their current episode number. So for Episode 83 it was the 1983 sword and sorcery thing Deathstalker, produced by Roger Corman and featuring famous nude people Lana Clarkson and Barbi Benton. It was a ridiculous good time, but I should warn you that this episode is not for people at work or with kids or… well you’ll see. I will just go ahead and apologize now.

Later in the episode we discuss not only Super, but also Super 8. Also there’s some chat about The Keep,¬†From Paris With Love and the 1982 epic Zapped!

There are lots of places to follow the BMFcast. You can go to the official website, directly to Episode 83, follow them on Twitter (@bmfcast), Like them on Facebook, or subscribe to them in iTunes. Any and all would be greatly appreciated by me, and probably them as well.