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This is your opportunity to meet and hang with the SmarmyJerkface himself. You know you want to.

This weekend the No Quarters crew will be appearing at the Game Warp show in Orlando, Florida. It’s a classic gaming and pinball expo with all kinds of old school arcade and pinball machines, free to play with admission into the show. You can check out more details about the show at, and listen to Episode 38 and Episode 39 of No Quarters to hear us interview the show organizer as well as all our enthusiasm for the event. There will be tournaments and trash talking and probably some beers. Come say hi!

Previous conventions:

Cult Fiction Drive In | May 20th – May 22nd | Jacksonville, FL
My home / main stomping ground. I should be in attendance all three days of the Con.

Chicago Comic Con | August 11th – August 14th | Chicago, IL
I’ll be in town Thursday-Monday, covering the event and I’m staying on-site for maximum… uh… locationage.

Flashback Weekend | August 12th – August 14th | Chicago, IL
I just found out that there’s a second convention (!) in town at the same time as Comic Con, and it’s within walking distance of my hotel. As of now my plans are to go, but I need to inquire about a press pass and such. Guests include Robert Englund, Malcolm McDowell, Lance Henriksen, Michael Rooker, Doug Bradley and more!

If you’re at or near any of these events and need a podcast guest or just want to meet up, hang out, have a steak dinner (Dutch of course) or whatnot, hit me up! Contact me via email or on Twitter.

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